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About Me

By Xplore Places

I’m from Berhampur, a small town in the Indian state of Odisha. I am from a family of five (Mom, Dad, 2 elder sister and me). I was working as a software tester for an MNC. Then afterwards, I started working at blogs, and that’s how I found this particular job. Moreover, I have a YouTube account.

My interests and passions are street food, writing articles, travelling, and photography.

I chose the name “Xplore Places” to help visitors remember the website and to give them inspiration and ideas

Xplore Places Platform for professional locations. Only fascinating stuff that you will find here will be offered to you. With a focus on dependability and locations, we are committed to offering you the greatest spots. We are aiming to develop a successful internet website out of our love for locations. We sincerely hope that you take pleasure in visiting our locations as much as we do.

For everyone of you, I’ll keep adding more significant posts to my website. Please provide your love and support.